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 The Guardian

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Name: The Guardian

Generation: 7

Pic or discription: The Guardian Mecha4

Weapons: An electrical short sword that can cleanly shave through metal without having to try again((Main Weapon)), Electrical Pistol that can shoot very fast but cant even really harm anything but because of the surge it can decrease movement slowly.

Mega weapons: I don't have an idea for one so lets do a Knightmare upgrade sort of function: 'Over Ride' Over Ride only happens when the Knightmare is out of energy or severely damaged. When either of them happen all the electrical circuits stop and go to the main core causing a huge surge of energy for estimated 2-5 minutes depending on how severe the damage or energy that happened. This Surge also gives Blitz fighting ability but is commonly used to get away.

Other: ((This Knightmare is rarely used and WILL be rarely used.)) ((Also this knightmare has 5-10* the speed of a normal knightmare. This is because it was made for Kai to get away but since this isn't well built it loses energy fast.)) ((The main weapon is the Electrical Sword mixed with his speed.))
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The Guardian
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