A code geass RP if Lelouch never happened.
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 Trying Out Foresight

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Jane Ryder

Jane Ryder

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Trying Out Foresight Empty
PostSubject: Trying Out Foresight   Trying Out Foresight EmptyMon Oct 19, 2009 5:41 am

Jane was going around the school trying out her Geass. She went through the research about this Geass and found that if you lost control you would never see properly again BUT it was very hard to lose control for unknown reasons. It could see for about 5-10 seconds depending about how well your strength in Geass ability. There was no limit in how far it went and how 'powerful' it is. Time does not stop when the Geass turns on so you had to be careful. There have been no records in why it was hard to lose control. Jane guessed it was because it used more power that the 'Geass Gods' as she called it took pity upon this power. Jane found all this out by research by doing this around the academy. Hopefully no one would come behind her as she can't see behind her when do foresight...
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Trying Out Foresight
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