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 Jane Ryder

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Jane Ryder

Jane Ryder

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PostSubject: Jane Ryder   Jane Ryder EmptyFri Oct 02, 2009 9:33 am

Name: Jane Ryder

Age: 16

Gender: Female...

pic or discription: Jane Ryder _23itcfc-3

Affliction: Army

Rank: Whats Better then a common soldier? General? Private?

Speclity: Custom Knightmare Pilot...

bio: Jane was a very athletic girl from the start. She loved her family more then anything when they encouraged her to keep going. Eventually they died when she was 14. She was heart broken but her parents words were always with her. She became a very fast runner and had action fast reflexes. The army asked if she would join and she accepted right away. She knew a friend who was very good at making things. She requested a knightmare and paid in full for it. Jane went through the ranks very fast and before she knew it she was a General/private. Neutral
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Xeno vi Britannia
Xeno vi Britannia

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PostSubject: Re: Jane Ryder   Jane Ryder EmptyFri Oct 02, 2009 9:39 am

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Jane Ryder
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