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 Great informative post!

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Great informative post! Empty
PostSubject: Great informative post!   Great informative post! EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 1:46 pm

Hello. Wow, You all really rallied to help me. Like I originally said my son’s burned DVD-R’s seemed to play good in my player. This made me think it might be my burner. I burnt a couple of DVD’s and gave them to him so he could try them in his player. He said of the 4 I gave him 3 worked fine (they didn’t for me). So I think the player has something to do with it. I’m going to go to Circuit City with a couple of Burnt DVD’s and try them in some of their Stand alone players. I’ll let you know how it goes (if it makes a difference). It wouldn’t hurt is some of you might have a suggestion on which player (reasonably priced of course) seems to be more successful with playing burnt DVD’s, and what DVD’s seem to work best. Like I said I used Sony’s & TDK’s. Also I quit using Nero and use Decrypter & Shrink together. I use the deep analysis, slowest burn speeds, changed the size (as you suggested) and like I said these things haven’t helped. I am thinking that even though I’m using what I would consider to be good quality Disks as one of you said that doesn’t mean much cause things aren’t always consistent. About a year ago I posted a problem I was having with burning CD’s and Taiyo Yuden was suggested, I sent away for some and they made all the difference in the world. I never thought about them making DVD’s. Maybe you all might have a reasonably priced source and type of Yuden you think I should get. I keep stressing reasonably priced because I already have a stand alone player, and am thinking of getting another just to play these damn DVD’s. And I’ve already purchased and blown a wad on DVD’s (Sony & TDK). Again thanks for all the help. Here’s hoping & praying I can use all thin info and finally get some positive results. I’ll keep checking the posts & posting my results hoping they might help others with similar problems.Uncle BobUncle Bob
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Great informative post!
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